On the football field, we all relied on Gronk to do his job and you can rely on this lure to do its job. When trolling the over-sized lip forces it to dive with an eye-catching wiggle and darting action. At rest, Gronk slowly floats to the surface, but still draws in predator fish. Field-tested with great results.

This 4-inch lure weighs just 3/4 oz. Handcrafted from select hardwood, oversized stainless steel eyelets, large durable Lexan lip, and Mustad saltwater treble hooks. Hand-painted natural and fluorescent features provoke big fish in deep murky waters.

We have caught many 5 lbs. and 6 lbs. bass, as well as white perch and pickerel with these, so you should rely on this lure to do its job.

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